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As we all understand to survive in the world of POP you must take the time to align yourself with the key players



These are people who you have formed a relationship with because you can count on them to do the job correctly and on time. Seldom does the time frame in the P.O.P. Industry allow for rework or item corrections. Oh, errors will happen. With a good amount of monies spent correcting them. You will never lose an order over the cost of fasteners, you may find a way to save some money.

You can correct many things to get an order out in the time frame needed. Should you fail, the next order will be given to your competitor. There are many quality permanent display companies out there! There are few fastener companies that meet the POP industry requirements.

The cost of the fasteners will never be the deciding factor on whether or not you receive an order from a customer. The dollar value is simply just too small.

You should find a fastener supplier who understands your industry. Just because the costs are lower than other items on a B.O.M., their value for a timely production run is every bit as important as the higher dollar amount components.

Many of those who have succeeded in the POP industry have relied on Randolph Components for GUIDANCE and delivery. The reality of the industry is that it takes a lot of continued effort and a lot of trial or test runs to attain continued business. Randolph Components has provided small quantities in extremely short lead times many a time before a larger order is acquired. Over the decades we have been chosen to fulfill fastener needs for huge jobs with $52,000  / $70,000 / $330,000 and $500,000 of timely delivered product. Quantities that most vendors cannot wrap their heads around! These are huge programs / that may run for a good period of time. Staying up with production is a concern that many find better to be left with a business partner that understands the importance of value.  Finding a screw for $8.00/M instead of $9.00/M can be accomplished with just a few clicks. Finding a part that is delivered correctly is the correct thought process.  $8.00/M  or $9.00/M  it’s still just less than a penny either way.


Over the decades I have had the great pleasure of meeting many people from various areas of the POP World. Not just the Project Managers who are issuing the PO’s. Many people at many levels play an important part in moving a project from an idea to the completed display. Randolph Components has established a network of insightful relationships with personnel from all the areas of your POP related contacts. The knowledge we have amassed from communicating with the people in the Metal, Plastic, Wood and Carton Industries, has shaped Randolph Components into the go to Business Partner for the POP INDUSTRY we are today.

We’ve seen and learned from misunderstandings, misinterpretations and mistakes, from all sides of the process. This knowledge is yours for the taking. We couldn’t be happier to be at this point in our Business Partnership with you. Many a time we have been questioned as to why we request so much information. Information that should be a daily part of your thought process to complete the task for which you are asked to contribute. No one understands better than myself the changing time frame for which you are asked to function. We ask because we care. “YOUR WORRIES ARE NOW OUR WORRIES” It’s not just a slogan for The Randolph Components Family.  We share all the information we can with those who trust Randolph Components to fulfill they’re requests. We make sure you are aware of issues before they become a costly mistake. Be it advising the item in question has too long a lead time to be considered or a suggested alternative part that is readily available at a much better cost. As your Business Partner Randolph Components Guidance in the fastener industry has no equal. Whether it be to help get a line back on track or supplying $500,000 of product over the course of an ongoing production run. For the percentage of a B.O.M. that fasteners represent, you will find no other vendor providing the value you gain from being a Business Partner with Randolph Components!   

Thank you all for sharing your time with us!